Thursday, August 20, 2009

So Far Away From Home by David Newman

"So Far Away From Home" by David Newman is one of the most hard to find songs of the 80's in the Philippines. The song was composed by William Stewart McCammon:

45 rpm Single: So Far Away From Home 
Artist: David Newman
Label: Dyna
Year Released: 1983
Country: Philippines

The album where this song is found is here:  So Far Away From Home LP by David Newman


  1. where can i download an mp3 copy of this song?

  2. you can download a watermarked copy of this song here :

  3. Thank you so much for sharing me this song...more power to you and GOD bless...

  4. where can i find the whole album? my cassette tape is all worn out. this is one of my favorite songs when i was young.

  5. sorry, i don't have the album. it's one of the rare albums that i'm still looking for...

  6. this song brings me close to the people i care about when they are with me and even more when they are not. it is internationally speaking.